Accreditation is an official qualification that a certificate, diploma or degree awarded by an institution of higher education has reached a stage set quality standards and criteria set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is in line with Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF).

Recognition is a feasibility acceptance by certain parties for a particular purpose. For example, MQA recognition through Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is eligible to be considered for employment in the public. Furthermore, MQA & JPA will only recognize an Engineering program that has been accredited by BEM for the purpose of serving the higher education institution (government sector).

In conjunction, all education programmes must retain approval or written permission issued by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE) to enable Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) operates a program of study. Approval shall be obtained before the IHL allowed operating the program.

Coinciding with MoE in improving the quality of higher education institutions in Malaysia as well as the program of study, the Accreditation Program implemented to make judgments in determining whether a program meets the quality standards. The IHL aims to ensure that programs offered meet the standards and criteria Accreditation Program Code of Practice (Code of Practice for Programme Accreditation, COPPA), comply with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) and other relevant guidelines.

The existence of Unit Kelayakan dan Akreditasi (UNIKA) in UniMAP were not only focused on accreditation but also in developing the Professional Engineers among staffs especially academician in achieving the qualifying from the Professional Bodies.


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