Unit Kelayakan dan Akreditasi was established in January 2011 with the acronym stands UNIKA. 'UNI' refers to the 'Unit', 'K' refers to 'Qualifications' and 'A' refers to the 'Accreditations'. Initially, UNIKA placed under the centre of responsibility (PTj) Vice-Chancellor and placed temporarily in the office of Centre of Corporate Development and Quality Management (PUSPEK). After a period of six (6) months, UNIKA has moved to new office in Seriab. In March 2013, there are changes in the structure of the task flow in which UNIKA now placed under the centre of responsibility Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International). UNIKA intrinsic role initially is to monitor, advising and coordinate the process of accreditation of UniMAP academic programmes. UNIKA also play a role in managing professionalism activities to produce qualified professional staff. UNIKA truly assists factor that matters on opportunities in qualification and accreditation for each programme provided by the UniMAP.

Unit Kelayakan dan Akreditasi

January 2014

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